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        Enterprise tenet: to build business with integrity and to integrate all over the world.

        ● enterprise spirit: take quality as life and create brand as its own responsibility; Work together to create brilliance.

        ● enterprise pursuit: let every woman keep the smiling face of youth and enjoy a perfect life.

        ● enterprise values: adhere to working with customers to create the highest value for customers.

        ● business objectives: create Chinese brands and occupy international market

        ● business philosophy: to move customers with integrity, attract customers with quality and retain customers with profits.

        Racing spirit

        No hesitation, no wandering, always forward, desperate;

        Because it was in a gentle, silent appearance;

        Tenacity and tenacity that burst out from the deep inside are the most essential things in the heart.

        1. vision

        [interpretation] a great vision; A good understanding.

        [modern society] what we must have in the era of knowledge economy, people's judgment and decision-making power have become the symbol of foresight, especially if they want to be big things, it is not possible without vision.

        2. unity

        Interpretation is a spirit produced by the aggregation of various emotions.

        Solidarity does not exist in the same people. To be a united and excellent group, we need to face everyone in the group with sincerity. We need to help each other, so that we can be a united group!

        Any difficulty encountered by a united group will be solved easily, because the collective has infinite wisdom that the individual cannot compare. Friendship creates power, harmony creates brilliance, unity is strength!

        3. due diligence

        All work should be done with all our heart and diligence. And that is the foundation of professionalism.

        No matter what occupation a person is engaged in, he should do his best to make continuous progress. This is not only the principle of work, but also the principle of life. Without responsibility and ideals, life will become meaningless.

        Meticulous work can quickly cultivate rigorous character and obtain extraordinary intelligence; It can not only lead ordinary people to a good direction, but also encourage the excellent people to pursue higher realm.

        Whatever you do, you must do your best because it determines the success or failure of a person in his future career. Once one understands the secret that working hard can eliminate hard work, he has the key to open the door of success. Can work with active and conscientious attitude everywhere, even in the most mediocre career can add personal glory.

        4. struggle

        [explanation] [go all out in work] make every effort to do something.

        This is the explanation for "struggle":

        "Fight" refers to "fight" at any cost for the purpose, but for the cost of life.

        "Beat" - in the absence of possibility or possibility of minimal success, the one who let go is "beat".

        Struggle is to keep your head down in front of difficulties, not escape under pressure, and go ahead on the rough road. Hard work is not a rush of heart, not empty shouting, fighting is long-term, need to maintain with tenacious perseverance, need to let firm confidence to navigate.

        5. mutual encouragement

        [interpretation] work together, encourage or inspire each other, offer this hope and encourage with you.

        6. high efficiency

        The effectiveness of the interpretation is high; Great effect

        7. robust

        [interpretation] a steady, unsmooth, steady and steady character.

        8. surpassing

        Transcendence refers to a way of thinking that a person can break through his own limitations and the limitation of time and space, correctly understand the objective laws and grasp the laws with the times, and make scientific decisions after correctly judging the development trend of things.

        Transcendence is a very high level. Only those who can achieve self transcendence can transform the objective world while transforming the subjective world, and realize the self value while benefiting the society. Defeat yourself and surpass yourself.

        9. integrity

        [interpretation] honesty is a moral category, that is, treat people with sincerity, honesty, credibility, words, deeds, and deeds, one word nine tripods, one gold.

        The explanation of honesty is: "sincerity, faith also", "faith, sincerity". Therefore, the original meaning of honesty is to be honest, sincere, trustworthy and trustworthy, to oppose concealing fraud, against fake and fake, and against fraud.

        10. win win

        "Win win" comes from the translation of "win win" in English: "win win".

        The "win-win" model aims to show that the enterprises can work together and create value in competition, so as to achieve unprecedented profitability and market competitiveness under the modern economic conditions.

        Marketing thinks that win-win is a double, for customers and enterprises, it should be the customers win the enterprise first and then win; For the employees and enterprises, it is the employees who win the enterprise first and then win. Win win emphasizes the balance of interests between the two sides, namely the so-called "winners do not win all, losers do not lose all".

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